Special Edition, our pride of sharing

Special Edition, our pride of sharing.

The quality of our wines is something that we constantly strive for and makes us proud. We are even more proud of what we achieve with them to help others. Inspired our founder, we have launched the Special Edition, which is a combination of our finest varietals that will be elaborated every year to aid underprivileged children around the world.In order to be a unique edition, Ferllen Winery summons an international artist with the task of elaborating a unique art work, that later becomes the label of each of the 3,000 bottles produced. This it one measure of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Once the production has concluded, a charity gala (Gala Benéfica) is organized, a social event where friends and celebrities are invited to share this charitable event. The evening peaks with the auction of the Special Edition, and the final auction of the original artwork is found on each bottle. Thus, the total of proceeds are destined to the selected NGO that is designated as the beneficiary. In the first edition, the collected money was given to the Amigos Near Foundation, an entity that works for children’s welfare and that extended its reach to those children that where most affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in  2012. For that first time, artist Pablo Constrisciani conveyed the colors of Miami for a 2009 Blend (50% Malbec and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon) that captivated the guests of the charity gala, as it was recorded by several of the local media that where present at the Paramount Bay, the celebrated building designed by Lenny Kravitz. The excitement of the audience for the wines and the art, fused with the desire of improving the lives of hundreds of Haitian children made the event a great success. The members of the Amigos Near Foundation, including Ferllen himself, collaborated and made a trip to Haiti to deliver the goods. The collected amount surpassed $30,000, which went back to the children.