Our winemaker: Juan Carlos Chavero

The wine’s media consider him as one of the most prominent winemakers in Argentina. Since his early days, he has been involved in winemaking. His father Ramon Chavero passed on the passion of winemaking to him. While in charge of a prestigious winery, Juan Carlos solidified one of his dearest dreams and achieved the title of enologist from Escuela Don Bosco, a traditional school of Mendoza winemaking.

Also, he is distinguished guitar player and folklore lover and he was one of the first who was captivated by the Ferllen brand, which began with a trip he made to Miami. His encounter with Alejandro Ferllen allowed him to see first hand the objectives and the values of the brand that now are summarized in each bottle that goes out to the market. Despite the numerous job propositions Chavero had, he decided to join this ambitious and innovative wine-growing project. Today, his creativity, sensibility and experience are the brand of our Winery.