The relationship with the wine is Ferllen centuries and originated in Bordeaux. In this city in southern France , the family of our founder first made ​​contact with the techniques of making traditional wines. But only in 1912 , when these immigrants arrived in Mendoza ( Argentina ) , was the first winery Ferllen was inaugurated. This pioneering building was also located in the heart of the Uco Valley , a beautiful place , uninhabited and exciting , you had to wait almost 100 years to exploit its full potential , which is now recognized worldwide .

Is that the first winemakers of Mendoza reached not to recognize the benefits of those
stony land , almost desert and they saw as an extension of the Cordillera de Los Andes, more than suitable for the cultivation of vines area. However, nearly a century after the Uco Valley has become a single quarry for grapes of excellent quality and typicality items.

The vision of those French pioneers was recovered by our founder, who made the decision to revive Bodega Ferllen in the same place that his family did years ago with the same passion and dedication, but with the clear decision to bear the full the world .