The Terroir: Uco Valley (Mendoza)

Terroir is the name given to the soil in which the vines are grown and that possesses a combination of different elements that makes it unique. The chosen one to build our winery is in an area of Mendoza that is known for the quality of the soil and for an enviable range of temperatures, the perfect conditions to grow premium vineyards. Nor shall we forget of the 3,300 feet above sea level, the purity of its water, and the large amount of sunny days, key factors that offer the denominated name to the grapes that turns in to the characteristic wines of the Region. The particular dry climate also plays its role and is a phenomenal natural barrier against pests that may damage the vineyards. These attributes have given Mendoza (Argentina) world reputation and it is recognized for the quality in the production of its wines, even beyond the wine environment.