Our Mission

For the last eight years our winery has produced premium wines with grapes obtained from vineyards located in the Uco Valley, one of the best wine growing regions of Mendoza, Argentina right on the foot of the Mountain range of the Andes.

Our production is targeted to the wine connoisseurs between the ages of 25 to 50 years old, with a zest for good living and new experiences. Our sales strategy is designed to reach this demographic group in Canada, United States and South America.

Besides the natural quality and its unmatched personality of its products, what makes our winery stand out is the marketing strategy, that includes intensive positioning campaigns, and connecting with different public goals. We are convinced that the great wines, the unforgettable, are seated on three basic pillars: Maximum quality, impeccable presentation and unbeatable quality-price relation. Nevertheless, the experience of Alejandro Ferllen, a recognized lifestyle brand developer, allowed us to add the fourth distinctive element: Marketing. Our founder has dedicated more than 20 years to high-end developments. That “know how” is translated to the communication of our products, what makes us a unique winemaking company.